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Photograph of Dr. Christopher Boos

Our Staff

Dr Christopher J Boos

GMC number: 4106845


Cardiology and General Internal Medicine


Heart Failure Specialist 

Cardiac Device Specialist (including cardiac resynchronisation therapy [CRT] and implantable cardiac defibrillators [ICD])

Sports Cardiology and cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPX, CPET, CPEX) and Medico legal work


Other interests: atrial fibrillation, high altitude medicine, breathlessness and cardiomyopathies


  • MB BS, St Mary's Hospital Medical School, London, 1994

  • Dip IMC RCS Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, 1997

  • MD - Doctor of Medicine, University of Birmingham, 2007

  • FRCP, Royal College of Physicians of London, 2011


After qualifying at St Mary's Hospital in London in 1994, I undertook junior hospital appointments in London (St Mary's Hospital, Royal London and Royal Brompton Hospitals) and Portsmouth (Queen Alexandra, St Mary's and Haslar Hospitals). Thereafter, I commenced my Cardiology training initially in the Wessex region where I worked in Salisbury (one year), Portsmouth (two years) and Southampton General Hospitals (one year) respectively. I then transferred to the Birmingham Deanery after to do a two year Research Doctorate (MD) at City Hospital. Subsequently, I then completed my final 18 months of Cardiology training at University Hospital Birmingham, prior to moving to Poole as a Consultant Cardiologist.

My current NHS employment is at both Poole and the Royal Bournemouth with additional private sessions at these hospitals and at the Harbour Hospital in Poole.


Original Articles

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Case Reports

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Book Chapters

  • Boos CJ and Lip GYH Assessment of endothelial damage/dysfunction: a focus on circulating endothelial cells. Vascular Biology Protocols 2006.

  • Boos CJ and Lip GYH Insights into novel anticoagulants. Thrombosis Molecular Mechanisms of Disease 2006.